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It was almost like seeing double when Miley Cyrus and her older sister, Brandi Cyrus, christian louboutin met on the red carpet at Sunday's American Music Awards.

Working the carpet for Spin Media, christian louboutin singapore the two sisters shared a moment when Brandi, resembling the more sophisticated Miley of not too long ago, christian louboutin sale interviewed her younger sister.

"I got to talk to a lot of amazing people christian louboutin shoes tonight BUT I had the MOST fun chatting with my little sister!" Brandi tweeted after the show.

"She looked gorgeous and ended up blowing everyone away when she christian louboutin sale uk closed the show with her performance of "Wrecking Ball". christian louboutin outlet How cute was that cat? MEOW!" Brandi wrote.

Brandi made quite the impression herself. christian louboutin uk Wearing in a white mini dress and black and white strappy high heels, she was asked to pose on the carpet by photographers who recognized the family resemblance.

Though Brandi, 26, christian louboutin men has stepped out with her more famous younger sis in the past, the older Cyrus sib is clearly making a name for herself.

Keep reading to learn 5 things you may not have christian louboutin online known about Brandi Cyrus.

1. She's Actually Miley's Half Sister

Brandi and her brother christian louboutin usa Trace are Tish Cyrus' children from her previous marriage to Baxter Neal Helson. When Tish married Billy Ray Cyrus in 1993, she had already given birth to their daughter Miley. They had two more children together, christian louboutin flats and Billy Ray adopted Brandi and Trace.

2. She's A Fan of Social Media

On her Twitter page, christian louboutin paris where she has over a half million followers, Brandi describes herself as "songwriter, musician, blogger, designer, competitive equestrian." christian louboutin us She has her own blog on Buzznet, where she writes about music and fashion.

3. She's a Musician Too

Brandi plays guitar and is one half of the pop duo Frank + Derol, christian louboutins who are signed to Interscope records. She has also played for christian louboutin heels Miley and Billy Ray on previous tours.

4. She Has Acted Alongside Her Sister

Brandi once called herself "christian louboutin wedding shoes the forgotten" Cyrus child, though she has shared the spotlight with her younger sister. Brandi appeared as a guitarist, christian louboutin sneakers customer and "hoedown throwdown dancer" in Miley's "Hannah Montana" series.

5. She Has the Same Shoe Size as Miley

Brandi paired her sparkly dress with strappy, cheap christian louboutin zebra-printed Christian Louboutin stilettos - borrowed from her little sister. During Brandi's interview with her famous sib, Miley said she was mad that the cameras were only catching Brandi from the waist up. "You can't see the shoes that I had you wear," christian louboutin cheap the pop star said. "And they were limited edition." Brandi confessed that she had to ditch the shoes, because her feet were hurting, but she and her sister ended their christian louboutin men shoes exchange with a kiss and "love you."

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